Ciro Mazzoni – Stealth Loop (Antenna)

Item to sell: Ciro Mazzoni – Stealth Loop
Category: Antenna

Description: Shack clearance sale.

Rare magnetic loop that could fit on a balcony for sale. Perfect for apartment dwellers. Works great for you if you live in an RF noisy environment. The antenna has a narrow bandwidth that could null out adjacent QRM.

Tuning the antenna is as easy as keying the desired frequency on a keypad and pushing the enter key. Covers 40 – 10m continuously. The Stealth Loop has a large variable capacitor that is electrically actuated for fuss free tuning. The antenna is rated up to 125W. You could run FT-8 at 100W without heating up the caps at all. Just look at that huge air gap capacitor!

Due to its large size and heavy weight, shipping is difficult and costly. Because it’s mostly handmade in Italy, it is not in stock most of the time. So this is your chance to grab a “ready-stock” Ciro Mazzoni Stealth Loop right here in Singapore!

Highly recommended if you do not wish to stick a pole out of your balcony or has antenna installation restrictions. Do you have an unwelcoming neighbor who complaints every time you put the antenna our? Are you tired of inefficient HF mobile whips? Afraid of antenna falling off the balcony and injures someone? This is the answer to your woes.

Item Condition: 10/10 (As good as new!)
Retail Price: S$2,182.39 before GST & Shipping
Asking Price: S$1,500

Age: < 1 year. Condition: like new. Price: SGD 1500 fixed. Please contact: Benjamin Koe 9V1KB
via Telegram: N1LMF.

Delivery: self collect

As an interested buyer please contact the seller using the contact information given above. As a seller please leave a comment below, once the item was sold.