D2 SpectrumAnalyser (Meter)

Item to sell: D2 SpectrumAnalyser
Category: Meter

Description: D6 Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator

– Width of Frequency Band: 33 MHz – 4400 MHz
– Power accuracy: 10%
– Input sensitivity: <= 10 dBm
– Sweep Dynamic Logarithmic Ratio: > 50 dB
– Scan speed: >= 800dots / second
– Standby Power assumption: <= 100 mA
– Swept-Frequency Power assumption: <= 350 mA Sweep
– Interface + Power: USB

Supported OS: WinXP, Win7 32 Bit, Win7 64 Bit, (Win10 possible, but officially not supported)

Comprehensive test data can be found here: vma-satellite.blogspot.com/2019/04/new-simple-spectrum-analyzer-device.html

Age: 1 to 3 years.

Condition: Like NEW

Price: SGD 55 fixed.

Please contact: Stephan 9V1LH
via Telegram: DG1BGS.

Delivery: self collect

As an interested buyer please contact the seller using the contact information given above. As a seller please leave a comment below, once the item was sold.