FT817ND Full-Set (Radio)

Item to sell: FT817ND Full-Set
Category: Radio

Description: I’m selling my complete (QRP) kit which consists of the following items:
– YAESU FT-817ND in original box
– WINDCAMP FT-817 Stand
– DIY FT-817 Anderson PowerPole adapter
– MX-P50M HF Power Amplifier
– LDG Z-817H Autotuner (75 W version!)
– Sound-Interface U5 Link for Yaesu + Cable Set and USB-Soundcard

Due to other activities and priorities, I used this equipment for only under 10 hours in total.
I’m only selling as a set, but the price can be negotiated. The equipment can be checked at my place. However, I can only provide a dummy load for testing.

Age: 5 to 10 years.

Condition: Like NEW.

Price: SGD 1350 negotiable.

Please contact: Stephan 9V1LH
via Telegram: DG1BGS.

Delivery: self collect

As an interested buyer please contact the seller using the contact information given above. As a seller please leave a comment below, once the item was sold.

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