The Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (SARTS) in its present form was established on 26 August 1968. Today the society has around 60 members. SARTS is a member society of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), Region 3 Asia Pacific.

Our objectives – among others – are

  • To promote general advancement of science and practice of radio communication.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas of these subjects among its members.
  • To hold meetings for the reading and discussion of technical papers.
  • To enter into negotiations with the licensing authority in Singapore in all matters affecting the terms of licenses issued to members

We do not have any full or part time staff. SARTS is run entirely by volunteers, who hold full-time jobs elsewhere. The society does not have a club house or office.

The SARTS Council

SARTS council 2019-2020, from left to right: Roland Turner 9V1RT, Takehisa Sato 9V1UU, S. Jothinathan 9V1JN, Jeff Yeo 9V1AS, Siva 9V1SV, James Brooks 9V1YC, Benjamin Koe 9V1KB.

The current 2022 Council was elected during our annual general meeting on Feb 23th, 2024


President   Hugh Mason, 9V1SA
Vice President  Chu Haoyuan, 9V1HY
Hon. Secretary  
Aaron Wong, 9V1AW
Hon. Treasurer   Harish Pillay, 9V1HP

Council Members
  James Brooks, 9V1YC
 Darryl Ee, 9V1DE
 Samuel Lau, 9V1BX

Hon. Auditor Roland Turner, 9V1RT

Office Bearer

Outward QSL Manager   Kurita 9V1XX
Inward QSL Manager  James, 9V1YC
Awards Manager   Ben, 9V1KB
IARU Liaison Officer   Roland, 9V1RT
Webmaster   Klaus Goepel, 9V1KG

SARTS Members

SARTS Membership: Call signs and names.

Quarterly SARTS Meetings

Our quarterly meetings usually take place at 8 pm SGT at the National Library Building (NLB), 100 Victoria Street, 3rd floor, function room 1.

Visitors and guests are always welcome!

Join SARTS as a member!

Your membership in SARTS will ensure that there will be a collective voice to represent and protect the interests of Radio Amateurs in Singapore.

Types of Membership:

  • Associate Member: $25 per annum – for those who do not hold a 9V license,
  • Full Member: $50 per annum – for those who have a 9V license.

Membership Fees are due in January each year.

SARTS membership application/renewal
SARTS membership card application (for new members)

Information about transfer of membership fees or donations from abroad

SARTS History in Singapore