New to Ham Radio? Need Help?

Are you new to ham radio?
Having trouble setting up your first station?
Need some tips about radio purchases and approval?

Well, SARTS is here to help! 

We have several members who can answer your questions and get you on the air.  We can guide you through the licensing process, advise you about equipment and antennas, and even help you make your first contact.   Any of our “elmers” below will be ready to assist!

  1. Benjamin Koe, 9V1KB  < at gmail dot com>
  2. Roland Turner, 9V1RT    <roland at rolandturner dot com>
  3. Daniel Wee, 9V1ZV  <daniel at tsebi dot com>
  4. Darryl Ee, 9V1DE <darryl at 9v1 dot org>
  5. Haoyuan Chu, 9V1HY <haoyuanchu at gmail dot com>