SARTS Rig Approval Survey

The SARTS rig survey is now available for download.  This is the joint work of 9V1AS, 9V1YC, 9V1KB, 9V1CL and 9V1MH.  Special thanks to Matt, 9V1MH for creating this final version of the spreadsheet and for adding current models which have a good chance of approval.

Despite our best efforts, amateur radio equipment approval in Singapore is still on an individual, case by case basis.   IMDA’s criteria is not public information, and what you see in the spreadsheet was gathered by surveying our members. This gives us a good picture of which rigs have been approved in the past. 

As of January 2020 we know that 65-137 MHz is a sensitive, no-go area. Avoid submitting equipment which can receive in this band.  Prior to January 2020 only the 108-137 MHz was strictly off limits, but this seems to have been expanded recently.

Please note that this is only a survey. Just because another 9V1’s rig has been “IMDA approved” in the past is no guarantee that yours will be too.  

Files for download:

Summary (6 pages pdf)

Detailed Excel list

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Klaus 9V1KG - DU1KG - 4E1A - AJ6HA