Recommended Books, Webinars and Articles

Here are some books, webinars and long-form articles that our members have found useful. They are in no particular order at present but perhaps if they list grows we can brings some sense to it. All suggestions welcome to 9V1SA @

Recommended ItemRecommenderComments
Andrew D. Barron ZL3DW (2018) Amsats and Hamsats: Amateur Radio and Other Small Satellites9V1YPAnyone interested in amateur radio satellite, this is a great book to read.
Robert R. Brown NM7M (1992) Long-Path Propagation: A Study of Long-Path Propagation in Solar Cycle 229V1SAI was intrigued to understand why the paths change from Singapore through the year
Robert R. Brown NM7M (2002) On Ion Chemistry and Propagation9V1SAWhat is actually going on up there to make our signals heard worldwide
Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA (2014) A Long Overdue Review of Gray Line Propagation on the Low Bands9V1YCK9LA is a world-renowned expert on ionospheric propagation, and he knows the physics behind it.  His webinar is really the best I’ve seen on how to describe low-band “gray line” propagation.