SARTS and Singapore Scouts

For decades SARTS and Singapore Scouts have run successful JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) and, more recently, also JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) events. Samuel Lau 9V1BX, working with 9V1FH, 9V1ST and others, set out to explore if there could be a way to deepen the relationship by empowering scout leaders to build Amateur Radio related activities into what the scouts already do. At the May 2024 SARTS Quarterly meeting Sam shared this presentation he used to introduce a series of activities at a joint activity session held on 11 May 2024.

Jota Joti 2019 Singapore

I’m so glad we made JOTA SG 2019 a dream come true. We managed to bring the radio aspect back into Scouts SG. The last one was back in 2001, I guess? We were only given 3 hours, and we made the best out of it.

The event was ran by a group of super enthusiast hams, each to their own merits! Even the XYLs (wives) lend a hand to make this a wonderful one.

We made sure the scouts get full engagement and exposure during the activities, as you can see they are the ones holding the radio most of the time.

Nevertheless, well done to the team!

Ben, 9V1KB