Experiences with SDRs and active antennas

9V1KG, Klaus, Feb 2021

The presentation gives an overview on SDRs under $ 200 and active antennas for the HF range, and how to setup a simple and low budget SWL and monitoring station.

Audio samples

Received on 160 m with active loop and RTL SDR with up-converter.

E2X on 160 m during ARRL 160 m Contest
7C1B on 160 m during the same contest

Comparison between signals received on 80 m (YB2BFF) with ICOM 7300 and 5 m whip antenna with loading coil, and RTL-SDR with up-converter, active loop antenna and GQRX software receiver.

ICOM 7300 with 5 m whip antenna on 80 m
RTL-SDR with active loop antenna on 80 m

PSK Reporter

PSK reporter link to see current stations received.

SARTS monthly meeting Feb 2021

Our February 2021 monthly meeting was held via Zoom. James, 9V1YC, emphasized again that SARTS has a drop in members and that we need member contributions helping to keep the club active and growing. If you are not a member yet and want to apply for SARTS membership, or you haven’t paid your annual dues, please do it online using our application/renewal web form.

Roland, 9V1RT, gave a short status report about our repeater. Klaus, 9V1KG, updated on the latest developments of the website.

Haoyan, 9V1HY presented about our SARTS QSL buro. As a member you can send and receive QSL cards free of charge via the buro.

Klaus presented about his experiences with software defined radios (SDR) and active antennas on Shortwave (HF).

You will find a copy of the presentations under the category SARTS Talks.

SARTS Meeting Jan 2021

The January 2021 meeting was held virtually via Zoom. It was also the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

SARTS Council 2021

The following members were confirmed serving as SARTS officers for 2021

  • President: James Brooks 9V1YC
  • Vice President: Benjamin Koe 9V1KB
  • Hon. Secretary: Jeff Yeo Nai Kwang 9V1AS
  • Asst Secretary: Aaron Wong 9V1AW
  • Hon. Treasurer: Harish Pillay 9V1HP
  • Council Member: Roland Turner 9V1RT
  • Council Member: Chu Haoyuan 9V1HY
  • Council Member: Arnold Cabahug 9V1CD

Office Bearer 2021

  • Examination (RAE): Ben, 9V1KB
  • Outward QSL Manager:   Kurita 9V1XX
  • Inward QSL Manager:  Chu Haoyuan, 9V1HY
  • Awards Manager:   Ben, 9V1KB
  • IARU Liaison Officer:   Jeff, 9V1AS
  • Webmaster:   Klaus Goepel, 9V1KG

The next monthly meeting will take place on Feb 25th, 2021 via Zoom.