Experiences with SDRs and active antennas

9V1KG, Klaus, Feb 2021

The presentation gives an overview on SDRs under $ 200 and active antennas for the HF range, and how to setup a simple and low budget SWL and monitoring station.

Audio samples

Received on 160 m with active loop and RTL SDR with up-converter.

E2X on 160 m during ARRL 160 m Contest
7C1B on 160 m during the same contest

Comparison between signals received on 80 m (YB2BFF) with ICOM 7300 and 5 m whip antenna with loading coil, and RTL-SDR with up-converter, active loop antenna and GQRX software receiver.

ICOM 7300 with 5 m whip antenna on 80 m
RTL-SDR with active loop antenna on 80 m

PSK Reporter

PSK reporter link to see current stations received.

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Klaus 9V1KG - DU1KG - AJ6HA