CQ WPX Contest SSB 2021

The CQ WPX Contest is one of the big international contests during the year. In 2021 the SSB part took place on the weekend March 27 – 28. This year we had a record in participation of Singapore hams.

Call SignCategoryBandPowerOverlay
9V1BCSingle OPAllLowRookie
9V1BDSingle OP20 mLowRookie
9V1CDSingle OP40 mHigh
9V1DESingle OPAllLow
9V1KBSingle OPAllLowClassic
9V1KGSingle OPAllLowClassic
9V1HYSingle OP20 mLow
9V1PLSingle OPAllLow
9V1YCSingle OPAllHigh
9V1ZVSingle OPAllLow
Singapore participation CQ WPX SSB `2021

Raw scores will be published in about 2 weeks. Thanks to all for your active participation!

The CW part will take place on May 29/30, 2021.

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Klaus 9V1KG - DU1KG - AJ6HA