SARTS entry to IOTA Contest 2024

This year’s IOTA Contest takes place on Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th July 2024 from 1200 – 1200 UTC. Haoyuan 9V1HY is coordinating the Singapore entry, which will likely happen from Pulau Ubin or St John’s Island, likely travelling out on the Saturday morning, getting set up ready to start our time afternoon, then operating through the night before wrapping up on Sunday morning.

Anyone interested contact 9V1HY via telegram. For background on the contest, check the RSGB as it coordinates the event. There is more information about IOTA’s long term year round role and activities on that organization’s website.

Pulau Ubin Field Day Jul 2019

On July 27 and 28 a team of Singapore hams took the ferry to Pulau Ubin and used the IOTA contest as an opportunity to have a field day.