Ham Radio via Satellites

Hardware, Software, Experiences

SARTS talk by Klaus, 9V1KG, 29th July 2021

Klaus presented his setup and experiences working linear Satellites.

Satellite Audio Samples

Hope 1 CW telemetry
TO-108 – some strange tones before the CW transmission starts
Athenoxat-1 – Singapore Satellite from Giulio, 9V1FC
Calling CQ on RS-44 – right channel: CW side tone, left channel: signal from the satellite. Clearly to hear the Doppler shift.
RZ0CQ calling in CW via RS-44
Tunig in my SSB signal
CQ SSB – right channel: Up link, left channel: Downlink
JA3IKC answering my call
Nayif-1 telemetry signal 1K2 BPSK

Satellite Operation Outdoor Planning SOOP