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The website’s content management system allows to provide content visible to registered and logged in SARTS members only, which is not visible to the general public. In order to activate this feature, please register.

Registration process

Click on the sidebar under SARTS MEMBERS Login or use the REGISTRATION button below. With Login the following screen will be displayed.

Login screen

If you are not registered, click on “Register” on the Login screen or on the REGISTRATION button below to get the registration screen:

Registration screen

Input a Username – please use your call sign or handle + call sign (space is accepted, e.g. “9V1KG Klaus”) – and your Email address. You will then receive a confirmation/ verification email sent to the address provided. Therefore double-check the email address before submission.

After receiving the confirmation/verification email, it still can take a while before your login works, as – for security reasons – approval is done manually by the webmaster.

At the moment after registration and login there is no big change, except that

Once the majority of SARTS members are registered, additional features will be implemented.

Thank You!

SARTS Membership List

Last updated: 2024-02-25

9V1ABNils Christian Ujma
9V1ADCheuk Yan Au (Chuck)x
9V1AIV. Jayaram
9V1AJG. S. Balakrishnan
9V1AKMatt Ranostayx
9V1ALAlex Lee
9V1AQClaudio Caballero
9V1ARKenneth Ricaborda
9V1ASJeff Yeox
9V1ATAndrew Tanx
9V1AWAaron Wongx
9V1AXKelem Amirx
9V1BCSolomon Tan Wei Jiex
9V1BDHo Jie Feng
9V1BGAchala Daarshana Senaranta
9V1BHVictor Boudioukine
9V1BLTan Chen Hao
9V1BNBernd Nestler
9V1BOBaino Paulx
9V1BXSamuel (Sam) Lau
9V1CCSoh Cheah Choon
9V1CDArnold Cabahug
9V1CEKevin W Rogers (KF7TUU)x
9V1CKClaus J Karthe
9V1CLDaniel Deng Jue
9V1CSC. S. Lim
9V1CVChoong Sek Yeenx
9V1CWColin J. Paulx
9V1DADiego Abas
9V1DEDarryl Eex
9V1DKDerrick King
9V1DSDarran Siu
9V1DTSampath Kumar Padmanabhanx
9V1DWDixon Wang
9V1DYDanny Vong
9V1EHLiu Chang
9V1EKEddy Kok
9V1EPMasakazu Namajiri
9V1FHThum Fu Hangx
9V1FJBarry Fletcherx
9V1FLFrancis Lim
9V1GZGuenter Zwickl
9V1HFKoenraad Mouthaan
9V1HHAmos Hoex
9V1HLHerman Laheyx
9V1HPHarish Pillay
9V1HXAlvin Siahx
9V1HYHaoyuan Chu
9V1JEJeremias Wong
9V1JHAaron Pokx
9V1JMJoey Muncada
9V1JNJothinathan G. S. Sundram
9V1JTJose Carlos (JC) Cortez Tupazx
9V1KBBenjamin Koe
9V1KGKlaus D Goepelx
9V1KHPeter Loo
9V1KSTan Koh Siang
9V1KTKevin Tanx
9V1KWNg Kah Wer Lindon
9V1LCChoong Lee Songx
9V1LDLarry Dimaano
9V1LHStephan Grensemann
9V1LWChia Lih Weix
9V1LXMike Easterbrookx
9V1LYLi Yu
9V1MHMatt Howard
9V1ODTan Lian Huat
9V1OGRene Atienza Ogie
9V1OWDr. Masahiro Wada
9V1PKPeter Khorx
9V1PLPhilip Lai Yong Yeow
9V1PPAndrew Lee
9V1QQBob Fabrizio
9V1RCRobert Chenx
9V1RFRoss French
9V1RKRobert Kimmelx
9V1RTRoland Turnerx
9V1SAHugh Maisonx
9V1SHShuichi Hosokaix
9V1STTan Hoe Teckx
9V1SVAzhaga Muthu Sivax
9V1TEJames Buckner
9V1TGTimothy Gohx
9V1TTAndrew Hodges
9V1UUTakehisa Sato
9V1VVJohn Daviesx
9V1XBPatrick Thamx
9V1XKAndy Yee Lai Seng
9V1XVXavier Tong
9V1XXKazuhiko Kurita
9V1YCJames Brooksx
9V1YJShigeyoshi Sasaki
9V1YLSally Woon
9V1YPChew Lip Hengx
9V1YWYingwang Shix
9V1ZHTan Boen-Hian
9V1ZKFred Lee
9V1ZVDaniel Weex
9V1ZWMichael Davidson
9V1ZYLoo Zheng Yuan
Assoc.Abhishek Rai
Assoc. Roger Lee
Assoc.Nicholas Chan
Assoc.Omkiran Sharma
Assoc.Harish Nair
Assoc.Jean-Louis Morin
Assoc.Oshada Rodrigo
Assoc.Sanjeev Gopalx
Assoc.Sri Narayan Shukla (VU2SHO)x
SARTS membership list 2024
x = paid 2024

AGM to be held on 28 Jan 2021

We will have our SARTS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Jan, 28th, 2021. Due to the pandemic the meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Members already received the meeting id and passcode via email.


The following have been nominated by the council to serve for the 2021 work year:

  • President : James Brooks 9V1YC
  • Vice President: Benjamin Koe 9V1KB
  • Hon. Secretary: Jeff Yeo Nai Kwang 9V1AS
  • Asst Secretary : Aaron Wong 9V1AW
  • Hon. Treasurer: Harish Pillay 9V1HP
  • Council Member: Roland Turner 9V1RT
  • Council Member: Chu Haoyuan 9V1HY
  • Council Member: Arnold Cabahug 9V1CD


  • Confirmation of the Minutes of the 50th AGM held on 24th Sep 2020 2.
  • Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 50th AGM 3.
  • To consider and accept the Council’s Annual Report for 2020
  • To consider and accept the Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 Dec 2020
  • Election of Council Members and Office Bearers for 2021.
  • Welcome address by new council members
  • Election of Hon. Auditor for 2021
  • To consider the matter of monthly meetings by Zoom until such time when eyeball meetings may be resumed.
  • Any other business

SARTS History in Singapore


1975 – Talking to the world

The first hams in Singapore came from Britain and they arrive in the 1930s. They were assigned the callsign prefix VS1. Hams in the Federated Malaya States were assigned VS2.

1994 – Teens can now apply for ham radio license

After World War II, several Radio Societies were formed in Malaya. The state of Perak had a society, Selangor had a society and there was the Malayan Amateur Radio Transmitters Society or MARTS.

In 1949, while under the administration of the Federation of Malaya (1948 to 1957), the Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (SARTS) was formed and registered. SARTS and the other smaller societies were later absorbed into MARTS which was the largest of the radio societies in Malaya.

On 31 August 1957, the Federation of Malaya gained independence from Britain and being a new country, new entity, they were assigned the 9M prefix.

In 1963, Singapore, together with Sarawak and Sabah, became part of the Federation of Malaya, which then became Malaysia. Singapore, being part of Malaysia, was assigned the 9M4 prefix. Sarawak and Sabah were assigned 9M6.

On 9 August 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia, and we became an independent country. Being another new country, new entity, we were assigned the 9V prefix which is in use till today.

Singapore Hams continued to be part of MARTS until it was decided that it was better for Singapore Hams and Malaysia Hams to have separate societies. The separation was an amicable one.

On 26 August 1968, the present day SARTS was formed. The first president of SARTS was Livin de Souza. The Society continues on till today.