2021 Oceania DX (OCDX) Contest

The phone section of the 76th 2021 OCDX starts at 06:00 Z on Saturday, October 2nd, and ends at 06:00 Z on Sunday, October 3rd.

OCDX promotes HF contacts to and from stations in the Oceania region  as well as contacts between stations inside Oceania. DX transmitting entrants contact as many Oceania stations as possible.

Prefixes are multipliers, entries on individual bands are supported. Contest exchanges are signal reports plus a serial number, starting at 001. The deadline for submitting logs is 31 October 2021.

Current rules can be downloaded from here.

Northern California DX Club

Special Event 75th Anniversary

On October 10, 2021 the Northern California DX Club will celebrate our 75th year! To mark this milestone we will hold an HF Special Event on the weekend of October 9th and 10th, 2021. Using our call sign W6TI we can be found operating on bands 15, 17, 20, and 40 meters and using SSB, CW and FT8 modes. The festivities begin at 16:00-23:59Z October 9th and continue 16:00-23:59Z Sunday October 10th.

A special QSL card will be available upon request. QSL details at W6TI on QRZ.com.

Since October 10, 1946 the Northern California DX Club has been dedicated to the finest ideals of good DXing, raising the standards of Amateur Radio practice and ethics and interactively sharing knowledge and information to enhance and benefit the Amateur Radio Community.

NCDXC has co-hosted the International DX Convention for over 70 years.

Received from Tony Dowler, K6BV
President NCDXC

Balloon Experiments – 9V1UP-11

Saturday 4 Sep 2021 23:00H / 15:00Z. APRS on 144.390 BEACON only.

Join the fun hunting for the APRS signals after launch. The balloon is estimated to be in the air for a few hours. Signals are likely to be received in the region: Singapore, Johor, and Riau. For the past few months, a team of Singapore hams have worked on a project to launch a weather balloon carrying amateur radio. The flight system consists of a 600g weather balloon filled with Helium (industrial grade) and the payload is assembled from a LightAPRS tracker. Approval of flight involved “no objection” from CAAS, RSAF and IMDA, and Saturday’s flight requires release clearance from RSAF duty controller. For launch, two teams will be deployed in the western side of Singapore. The launch team will attend to the lift off while the remote monitoring team will receive and iGate the APRS signals.

Tracker: https://9v1up.ragulbalaji.com/tracker/

Updates: Ham Radio SG on Facebook

The project team is busy preparing for the launch and may not have time to answer questions that you may have. A presentation will share various aspects of the project at the next SARTS meeting. Come this Saturday, share in comments when you receive 9V1UP-11, stating your QTH and telemetry.

Source: 9V1YP

Ham Radio via Satellites

Hardware, Software, Experiences

SARTS talk by Klaus, 9V1KG, 29th July 2021

Klaus presented his setup and experiences working linear Satellites.

Satellite Audio Samples

Hope 1 CW telemetry
TO-108 – some strange tones before the CW transmission starts
Athenoxat-1 – Singapore Satellite from Giulio, 9V1FC
Calling CQ on RS-44 – right channel: CW side tone, left channel: signal from the satellite. Clearly to hear the Doppler shift.
RZ0CQ calling in CW via RS-44
Tunig in my SSB signal
CQ SSB – right channel: Up link, left channel: Downlink
JA3IKC answering my call
Nayif-1 telemetry signal 1K2 BPSK

Satellite Operation Outdoor Planning SOOP


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